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Labour: it’s not always as bad as you think

One of the scariest things about having a baby is … well … having a baby. You hear horror stories about labour that make you want to cringe. By the time you’re eight months pregnant, one part of you is itching to get the baby out, but the other part has constant nightmares about the process. […]

Potty training: how hard can it be?

Potty training: how hard can it be? A lot harder than you’d think. My daughter wants a kitten, but I think of the toilet training and my poor soft sofa. I’m not sure which one will be worse. You’d think training a kitty is easy after potty training your child, but I did the latter […]

I’m pregnant!

Finding out you’re pregnant is different for every mother. For some it’s euphoric, especially if they were consciously trying for a baby. For some it’s depressing if it’s unplanned, or if they’ve had previous miscarriages. For all mums it’s frightening, as you question your ability to be a good mother. Most people will say the […]

Baby vocabulary

Kids say the darnedest things, and teaching your child to speak is sometimes better than stand up comedy. Children have the strangest ways of taking basic words and somehow making them harder. Some words can cause embarrassment, but some are so cute you can’t bare to correct them. Some gems even become incorporated into family […]